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  1. Joint meeting with an ad hoc group on leafy vegetables, 22-24 May 2003, Skierniewice, Poland
    Thomas, G.; Astley, D.; Boukema, I.; Daunay, M.C.; Del Greco, A.; Díez, M.J.; van Doojeweert, W.; Keller, J.; Kotlinska, T.; Lebeda, A.; Lipman, E.; Maggioni, L.; Rosa, E. (comps.)
    Publication year: 2005
    Pages: 146 p.
    Report of a Vegetables Network
  2. Preparatory meeting, 7 May 1999, Rome, Italy
    Astley, D.; Maggioni, L.; Thomas, G. (comps.)
    Publication year: 1999
    Pages: 5 p.
    Report of a Network Coordinating Group on Vegetables
  3. Ad hoc meeting, 26-27 May 2000, Vila Real, Portugal
    Maggioni, L.; Spellman, O. (comps.)
    Publication year: 2000
    Pages: 64 p.
    Report of a Network Coordinating Group on Vegetables
  4. First Meeting, 13-14 October 2005, Olomuc, Czech Republic
    Maggioni, L.; Lebeda, A.; Boukema, I.; Lipman, E. (comps.)
    Publication year: 2008
    Pages: 57 p.
    Report of a Working Group on Leafy Vegetables
  5. Second Meeting, 26–28 June 2007, Olomouc, Czech Republic
    Astley, D.; Bas, N.; Branca, F.; Daunay, M.C.; Díez, M.J.; Keller, J.; van Dooijeweert, W.; van Treuren, R.; Maggioni, L.; Lipman, E. (comps.)
    Publication year: 2009
    Pages: 186 p.
    Report of a Vegetables Network
    The Second Meeting of the Vegetables Network (VEGNET) of the European Cooperative Programme for Plant Genetic Resources (ECPGR) was held on 26-28 June 2007 in Olomouc, Czech Republic. The meeting was organized jointly with the Third Meeting of the ECPGR Working Group on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAP WG), which had been formally included in the VEGNET from January 2004 to September 2006. The local organization of the meetings was arranged by the Crop Research Institute, Prague-Ruzyne, Division of Plant Genetics, Breeding and Product Quality, and its local Department of Vegetables and Special Crops in Olomouc. The first introductory session was attended jointly by the VEGNET and MAP Working Groups. The list of participants in the VEGNET meeting is given in Appendix IX. All information related to the MAP WG Third Meeting will be published in a separate report.
  6. Third meeting, 10-12 November 2009, Catania, Italy
    Maggioni, L.; Daunay, M.C.; van Dooijeweert, W.; Astley, D.; Bas, N.; Branca, F.; Díez Niclós, M.J.; Geoffriau, E.; Keller, J.; Kotlińska, T.; Smékalová, K.; van Treuren. R.; Lipman. E.
    Publication year: 2010
    Pages: 64 p.
    Report of a Vegetables Network
    The Third Meeting of the ECPGR Vegetables Network was hosted by the University of Catania in Sicily, Italy, on 10-12 November 2009. About 60 representatives of the six ECPGR Vegetables Working Groups (WGs) gathered from 30 countries to discuss about cooperative action for vegetable genetic resources conservation and use. The main focus of the meeting was on the initiative for “A European Genebank Integrated System” (AEGIS). The general concepts of AEGIS – the Strategic Framework, the Memorandum of Understanding, the Most Appropriate Accessions (MAAs) and A Quality Management System for AEGIS (AQUAS) – were presented and discussed. All WGs intend to make progress in the implementation of AEGIS and this requires quality data in the databases. Therefore, efforts will be made to complete the Central Crop Databases as well as include missing data into EURISCO. Efforts to identify MAAs will focus, as a priority, on leek and wild alliums, lettuce and spinach, carrot, melon, Brassica rapa and various Solanaceae crops. A general consensus was expressed by the group about the principles of AQUAS, and the need to reach pragmatic solutions when it comes to defining common standards. Activities specific to each WG were also presented.
  7. Second Meeting, 8-9 October 2013, Ljubljana, Slovenia
    L. Maggioni, R. van Treuren, U. Lohwasser and E. Lipman
    Publication year: 2014
    Pages: 25
    Report of a Working Group on Leafy Vegetables
    The second meeting of the ECPGR Leafy Vegetables Working Group (WG) was held 8-9 October 2013 at Ljubljana, Slovenia. The meeting, organized in collaboration with the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia, brought together 16 participants from 13 countries.
    Overviews of national collections of leafy vegetables were presented and updates were provided on ECPGR, AEGIS and EURISCO. The achievements of the WG since last meeting were reviewed and further activities were discussed. Regarding the development of the AEGIS European Collection, the Group agreed on the latest procedure proposed by the ECPGR Secretariat to emphasize the primary role of the individual countries in the selection of AEGIS accessions. Regarding the crop-specific standards to be adopted by the WG as part of the AEGIS Quality System (AQUAS), the FAO Genebank standards endorsed in April 2013 were generally accepted with some additions/amendments for lettuce and spinach, based on the protocols currently used by members. A similar approach will be followed for chicory and minor leafy vegetables.
    The Group discussed the relationship of the Central Crop Databases and EURISCO. The International Leafy Vegetable Databases (Chicory, Lettuce, Spinach and Minor Leafy Vegetables), were largely developed thanks to an EC-funded project between 2007 and 2010. The Group recommended not investing in further development of the databases but supporting the expected improvements in EURISCO, such as the inclusion of characterization and evaluation data and other functionalities.