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  1. First meeting, 14-16 July 1995, Copenhagen, Denmark
    T. Gass, T.; Ambrose, M.; Le Guen, J.; Hadjichristodoulou, A.; Blixt, S. (comps.)
    Publication year: 1996
    Pages: 104 p.
    Report of a Working Group on Grain Legumes 
    As part of the European Cooperative Programme for Crop Genetic Resources Networks (ECP/GR), this working group will focus its attention on Cicer, Lens, Lupinus, Phaseolus, Pisum, Glycine, Vicia faba and Vigna. Following discussion of collecting activities, European legume databases, core collections, in situ conservation and links with NGOs, 20 papers are presented which take the form of reviews of national collections. (Abstract © CAB ABSTRACTS, CAB International)
  2. Third meeting, 5-7 July 2001, Kraków, Poland
    Maggioni, L.; Ambrose, M.; Schachl, R.; Duc, G.; Lipman, E. (comps.)
    Publication year: 2002
    Pages: 144 p.
    Report of a Working Group on Grain Legumes
  3. Second meeting, 1-3 October 1998, Norwich, United Kingdom
    Maggioni, L.; Ambrose, M.; Schachl, R.; Lipman, E. (comps.)
    Publication year: 2000
    Pages: 102 p.
    Report of a Working Group on Grain Legumes
  4. Fourth meeting, 16-17 November 2007, Lisbon, Portugal
    Maggioni, L.; Lipman, E. (eds.)
    Publication year: 2010
    Pages: 36 p.
    Report of a Working Group on Grain Legumes
    The ECPGR Working Group (WG) on grain legumes met for its Fourth meeting in Lisbon, Portugal on 16-17 November 2007, as a Satellite meeting to the Sixth European Conference on Grain Legumes. The ECPGR Satellite meeting was attended by representatives from 17 member countries and several other observers from the Grain Legumes Conference. Review of progress was made for various crops and their databases. Issues under discussion were the need to improve safety-duplication of the collections,  the urgent need for regeneration of accessions and the possible support from the Global Crops Diversity Trust. The creation of a Pisum Genetic Resources Consortium and of a Faba bean Genetic Resources International Consortium were discussed.
  5. How to meet future challenges of food supply under a changing climate
    Publication year: 2010
    Pages: 3 p.
    Pre-breeding for small grain cereals
    Concept note “Pre-breeding for small grain cereals”, ECPGR Cereals Network and ECPGR Working Group on Barley.
  6. Fifth meeting, 7-8 May 2013, Novi Sad, Serbia
    L. Maggioni, M. Ambrose and E. Lipman
    Publication year: 2013
    Pages: 30
    Report of a Working Group on Grain Legumes
    The fifth meeting of the ECPGR Working Group on Grain Legumes was held on 7-8 May 2013 at at Novi Sad, Serbia. The meeting, organized in collaboration with the Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops, Novi Sad, Serbia, brought together 25 participants from 23 countries. Regarding AEGIS, the meeting agreed on a procedure for the selection of candidate accessions for inclusion into the European Collection, to be carried out by the managers of the Lens, Lupinus, Phaselous, Pisum and Vigna Databases. The recently endorsed FAO Genebank Standards were accepted by the Group as suitable for the AEGIS Quality System to be applied to grain legumes; in addition, more detailed regeneration standards will be developed. The current status of Grin Legumes Central Crop Databases was presented and their relationships with AEGIS and EURISCO discussed. Reports were also given on the national grain legume collections. A major focus of the meeting was the issue of sustaining the Working Group's momentum in the absence of future group meetings. In this view, it was agreed to establish crop-specific interest groups (for Arachis, Cicer, Glycine, Lathyrus, Lens, Lupinus, Pisum, Phaseolus and Vicia faba) and thematic interest groups (Use of grain legumes in sustainable agricultural systems, Exchange of germplasm for evaluation in different environments and AEGIS Quality System development).