Vegetables Network (Phase VIII)

Coordinator: Marie-Christine Daunay email   
Vice Coordinator: Willem van Dooijeweert email   

Recent events


Second meeting of the ECPGR Leafy Vegetables Working Group, 8-9 October 2013, Ljubljana, Slovenia [more info  [1]]

Second meeting of the ECPGR Umbellifer Crops Working Group, 26-28 June 2013, St Petersburg, Russian Federation [more info]  [2]

Ad hoc meeting of the Chairs, Vice-Chairs and Database Managers of the ECPGR Solanaceae and Cucurbits Working Groups, 11-12 April 2013, Valencia, Spain  [report] (121 KB)  [3]

First meeting of the ECPGR Solanaceae Working Group and Solanaceae Database Managers, 14-17 February 2012, Izmir, Turkey [more info]  [4]

Previous years  [5]

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