In situ and On-farm Conservation Network (Phase VIII)

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Upcoming events

Enhanced Genepool Utilization  [1] ‒ Capturing wild relative and landrace diversity for crop improvement
17–20 June 2014, NIAB Innovation Farm, Cambridge, UK
more info:  [1]

Recent events



'On the conservation and sustainable use of plant genetic resources in Europe: a stakeholder analysis'.
Workshop in Wageningen, November 25–29, 2013 [more info]  [3]


Update of the PGR Secure project
23 June 2012 - The PGR Secure project is making progress in the development of national CWR conservation strategies in Albania, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Finland, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. CWR conservation strategy development is also underway in Sweden, and strategy development in Norway and Turkey is planned to begin later this year. Good progress has also been made in national LR conservation strategy planning in Finland, Italy and the United Kingdom.
The helpdesk web pages have been updated with further content (  [4]), including conservation planning aids, data sources, Red List information, descriptors for information management, as well as useful publications, networks, websites and resources associated with past conferences/workshops.

Review of progress in national CWR and LR conservation in Europe
23 June - A review of progress in national CWR and LR conservation in each European country  is available (link to PDF)  [5]. These tables will be updated during the lifetime of the PGR Secure project. If you are a National Focal Point with responsibility for implementing PGRFA conservation in your country or are otherwise involved in national CWR or LR conservation and you would like to make changes to the status in your country, please contact  Shelagh Kell  [6].

  • For more information about these and other PGR Secure project activities, please visit the project website (  [2])


Joint PGR Secure/ECPGR Workshop "Conservation strategies for European crop wild relative and landrace diversity", 7-9 September 2011, Palanga, Lithuania [click here for more info]  [7]
- Article in Newsletter for Europe No. 44, April 2012  [PDF] (86 KB)  [8]

Other Network-related events:

  • Symposium for the establishment of European genetic reserves for CWR and landraces, Funchal, Portugal, 13-16 September 2010 [more info]  [9]
  • Third meeting of the On-farm Conservation and Management Task Force, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2-5 October 2007, together with the Home Gardens Workshop [more info]  [10]
  • Second meeting of the On-farm Conservation and Management Task Force, 19-20 June 2006, Stegelitz, Germany [meeting report]  [11]
  • ECPGR Network Coordinating Groups meeting, 29-31 March 2006, Bonn, Germany [more info]  [12]
  • Final dissemination conference for PGR Forum - Crop Wild Relative Conference, 14-17 September 2005, Agrigento, Italy [more info]  [13]

Background information

Vegetable field (Istria, Croatia) (Photo: © Z.Matotan)

During the Eleventh Steering Committee meeting (Bosnia and Herzegovina, September 2008) it was recognized that the existing Task Forces of the In situ Conservation Network have long-term plans of action and therefore deserve the status of "Working Groups".

The two Task Forces were therefore converted into WGs:

The In situ and On-farm Conservation Network was established during Phase V of ECPGR, but became operational in May 2000 with a joint meeting, held in Isola Polvese, Italy, of two Task Forces for "Wild Species Conservation in Genetic Reserves" and for "On-farm Conservation and Management".

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