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The Documentation and Information Network was established during Phase VI of ECPGR (1994-1998). This Network has been a forum for discussion, decision-making and promotion of training activities and project proposals. Activities have been driven by so-called "European Documentation Support Centres" (CGN, The Netherlands  [21], NordGen  [22] (formerly NGB), Sweden, Bioversity International  [23] (formerly IPGRI), Italy and Federal Agency for Agriculture and food (BLE)  [24], (formerly ZADI), Germany. All the European Central Crop Database Managers  [25] are involved in the Network activities, as well as the National Inventory Focal Points.

During the Eleventh Steering Committee meeting (Bosnia and Herzegovina, September 2008) it was agreed that the Documentation and Information NCG will take on the responsibility of acting as the specific advisory body with the function of monitoring progress in the development and maintenance of EURISCO, as well as providing advice to Bioversity International acting on behalf of ECPGR Secretariat, for the further development of EURISCO.

Assuming the functions and operating also as the EURISCO Advisory Group  [26] (EAG), the Documentation and Information NCG has enlarged its composition.

In the specific case of the Documentation and Information Network, the NCG is composed of National Inventory Focal Points and European Central Crop Database Managers who are appointed to reflect a geographical balance and to combine diverse expertise (including NordGen and SEEDNet representatives) and 4 ex officio representatives (EURISCO Coordinator, IT host at Bioversity International, ECPGR Coordinator and In situ and On-farm Conservation Network representative).

Each NCG is coordinated by a Network Coordinator, selected by the Group among its members and with the task of delivering the NCG outputs to the ECPGR Secretariat and to the ECPGR Steering Committee. In order to ensure proper functioning of the NCGs, the Group members have to commit part of their time to this coordinating task.

Training and Technical Support

An "Internet Advisory Group" (renamed "Information and Communication Technology Advisory Group  [27]" as of October 2003) offered its services to help and give advice to database managers. As per decision taken in April 2005, this group was dissolved. The Documentation and Information Network would however continue to offer and advisory role on technical matters upon request. Requests on PGR documentation issues can be addressed to the ECPGR Secretariat, to the Network Coordinator or to the appropriate Network institution directly.

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