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3 ECPGR Oil and Protein Crops Network Coordinating Group Members

Coordinator: Mike Ambrose Email  
Country Name Organization Contact details Category of Expert
France Mr Gérard Duc Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA) UMR agroécology, AgroSup/INRA/uB Pôle GEAPSI - 17 rue Sully BP 86510, 21065 Dijon cedex France Tel: (33) (0)380693148
Fax: (33) 380693263
Italy Mr Andrea Carboni Consiglio per la Ricerca e la Sperimentazione in Agricoltura Centro di ricerca per le colture industriali (CRA-CIN)  Via di Corticella, 133, 40129 Bologna Italy Tel: (39) 051 6316826
Fax: (39) 051 374857
United Kingdom Mr Mike Ambrose Department of Crop Genetics John Innes Centre  Norwich Research Park,  Colney, Norwich NR4 7UH United Kingdom Tel: (44) 1603 450630
Fax: (44) 1603 450045