ECPGR Umbellifer Crops Working Group

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Recent events

The second meeting of the ECPGR Umbellifer Crops Working Group was held 26-28 June 2013 at St Petersburg, Russian Federation [more info]

Previous years

Working Group operative documents

Wild carrot (Alps) (Photo: © E. Geoffriau)

Other Working Group documents and publications

Documents developed by the Working Group and publications of interest

Background information

In August 1997 an ad hoc group of workers interested in carrot held an ad hoc meeting supported by ECPGR, in conjunction with the fifth meeting of the EUCARPIA Carrot Working Group hosted by the Department of Genetics, University of Agriculture, Krakow, Poland.

The discussions led to the realization that within the group and national programmes there was a broader interest in Umbellifers, in addition to carrot. The group decided it would be logical and more efficient to combine all these interests into an Umbellifer Crops Working Group. However, with such a potentially large number of genera within the Umbelliferae, a decision was taken to limit interest and activities to crops and wild taxa within nine genera including Anethum (dill), Apium (celery), Carum (caraway), Chaerophyllum (chervil), Coriandrum (coriander), Daucus (carrot), Foeniculum (fennel), Pastinaca (parsnip) and Petroselinum (parsley).

A proposal to establish a formal Working Group on Umbellifer Crops was accepted by the Steering Committee in July 1998.

Sennaya market, St. Petersburg (Photo: L. Maggioni)

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