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A proposal on potato was accepted for funding under the second call of the AEGIS Grant scheme. The proposal “Identification of old potato clones having unreliable variety name by means of fingerprinting using microsatellite (SSR) markers to assist in setting up the AEGIS collection for potato cultivars” was submitted by the Centre for Genetic Resources (CGN), The Netherlands. This project will involve partners from SASA, UK and potato curators from IPK, Germany, INRA, France and others. The assigned AEGIS grant (€ 11 000) has been complemented by re-allocation of funds (€ 15 800) that were originally budgeted for a Potato WG meeting. The Steering Committee agreed to this change under the condition that the project would aim at identifying the clones to be included in the European potato collection under the AEGIS regime. These clones will therefore be expected to be documented in EURISCO through the respective National Inventories as AEGIS accessions. [more info]


Third meeting of the Network Coordinating Group on Sugar, Starch and Fibre Crops/ECCDB Managers meeting, 8-9 October 2009, Quedlinburg, Germany [more info]


First Meeting of the ECPGR Network Coordinating Groups, 29-31 March 2006, Bonn, Germany [more info]


ECPGR Sugar Starch and Fibre Crops Network, technical meeting, 28 July 2005, Braunschweig, Germany [more info]


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wild sea beet growing amongst other crop wild relatives (photo: B. Ford Lloyd)