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  • The ECPGR Fruit Network supported the creation of a log book for the European Vitis Database (, documenting import and modification of data. Thus administrator and partners of the European Vitis Database now can trace back actions carried out. This is indispensable in case of database corruption in order to restore data content.

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Background information

In October 2001, the ECPGR Steering Committee agreed on the establishment of a Working Group on Vitis, as a result of a request submitted by the project partners of the EU-funded project on Vitis, which was terminated in February 2002. The objective is to strengthen European collaboration for the purpose of improving the conservation and sustainable use of Vitis genetic resources in Europe.

Very ancient and endangered variety White Heunisch (synonym is Gouais blanc), the direct parent of more than 80 offsprings - from Greece to France -, discovered by genetic fingerprinting (Photo: © E.Maul, JKI, Germany)
Table grape Philipp with a fancy berry shape (Photo: © E. Maul, JKI, Germany)

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